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Who Is Jana Kramer?

The actress-cum-country-music-singer hit Nashville at an inconvenient time, but that hasn’t stopped her from turning heads and releasing hits. With her sophomore album thirty one  just out of the gate, and the lead-off single “I Got the Boy” climbing the country charts, Jana Kramer is sitting pretty. The singer, who is pregnant with her first child (it’s a girl), says she’s happier than[…]


30 Years of Miss Janet Jackson

This week, Janet Jackson returns after an extended absence. It’s only been seven years since her last album, Discipline, which isn’t long considering that D’Angelo’s 2014 release Black Messiah was his first album in 14 years. But it’s Janet’s absence from the forefront of pop culture which makes her return all the more welcome. It’s hard to think of an artist who[…]

Big Boi and Phantogram as Big Grams

Worlds Collide: Rap Meets Indie Rock

When Big Boi and Phantogram releasd their self-titled EP as Big Grams, they’ll marked the latest chapter in a complicated history of two cultures that have occasionally, and sometimes uncomfortably, intertwined. Such collaborations may date back to the ‘80s, but they’re less frequent than you think. In our post “Hip-Hop 101: Rap Rock,” we noted how rappers and rockers at the time warily[…]