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Rhapsody Editors Honor Halloween with Rock’s Scariest Stories

The Beach Boys and Charles Manson, the Rolling Stones and the Occult, Black Widow and the founding of Satanic Rock SAN FRANCISCO—October 25, 2010—Revelers seeking a macabre thrill this Halloween need look no further than the hallowed halls of Rock ‘n Roll history.  Gather ‘round as Rhapsody®’s music critics spin devilish tunes and frightening stories of murder, mayhem, mind control[…]

Rhapsody Makes BlackBerry Jam

North America’s most popular premium, on-demand music service is now available on all major smartphone platforms: Apple, Android and RIM SEATTLE—October 18, 2010—America’s hardest-working smartphone finally gets to play—from Rhapsody®’s 10.5 million-track music catalog. Today, the premium on-demand digital music service announced the launch of its acclaimed mobile application for the BlackBerry®. With Rhapsody for BlackBerry, Rhapsody subscribers can access[…]