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Brittany Howard Drops a (rockin’) Bomb with Thunderbitch

Fans who were disappointed in the more esoteric twists and turns Alabama Shakes’ latest album, Sound & Color, took will be more than a little pleased to tune in to frontwoman Brittany Howard’s surprise self-release under the moniker Thunderbitch. Dropped without any preamble on September 1, the album’s 10 tracks  showcase Howard unleashing her best. Her full-throttle vocals careen and[…]

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Shazam It To Rhapsody, Then Rhapsody It

We’re excited to announce that we’re teaming up with Shazam so you can get instant gratification listening to new songs with Rhapsody right when you discover them. The next time you’re Shazam-ing that new hit or trying to remember the name of an old one, click “Listen to it on Rhapsody” to play the full song. The best part is[…]

Amy Winehouse & Nina Simone

Nina & Amy: Lost in Time

Roughly a month ago, and within 2 weeks of each other a pair of movies were released that explored the tumultuous and troubled lives of world famous singers – Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse. While their bodies of work are drastically different in size and scope, the impact their music had is not. In this post, we’ll look at the[…]

Lollapalooza 2015

20 Greatest Lollapalooza Performances

The original alt-rock festival began as an all-stops-out farewell tour for Jane’s Addiction, but frontman and festival architect Perry Farrell was eager to grant it a life of its own. In over two decades since that first 1991 tour, Lollapalooza has produced brilliant, disappointing, bizarre, and disastrous performances. We can only hope that this year, with a 140-artist lineup featuring[…]


Refreshed and Renewed for the Summer

Rhapsody and Napster have a new look on mobile Today, we are launching our new, redesigned mobile app that’s even more tailored for you! Check out the Rhapsody and Napster updates for a brand new mini-player and full screen player experience. With these new, simplified displays, you can now favorite tracks directly in the mini-player, swipe to change tracks, and enjoy[…]